YAFGC Volume One

by Rich Morris

Book Details

Publisher: Seamchecker Enterprises
Format: Trade Paperback Graphic Novel (black and white interiors)
Length: 220 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9866184-0-6
ComicsMonkey Order Code (US retail distribution: http://www.comicsmonkey.com): [2824_45847]
Or direct from publisher: Email hdoda@seamchecker.com
MSRP: $24.99; Price to stores: $12.50

The Blurb

The first volume of Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic (yafgc.net) is now in print! Volume One: The First Year presents the comic's first 366 strips as well as a 25-page artbook extra, featuring never-published strips, character design drafts, creator commentary and other special goodies.

YAFGC, the popular Dungeons and Dragons parody webcomic, is now in its sixth year of daily updates and has a regular readership of approximately 18,000. Starting with a chance encounter between Gren the Goblin and Bob the Beholder, this free-wheeling satire pokes gentle fun at the fantasy and gaming tropes we hold so dear.

Written and drawn by Emmy-award-winning Canadian animator Rich Morris, creator of The Ten Doctors (http://comics.shipsinker.com) and other graphic novels, YAFGC's cheeky humour is best suited for an over-13 audience.

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Published on  April 19th, 2012